About Steve Custer

I’m an actor and comic book aficionado with a BS in English & Theatre focusing in performance, and have over 15 years of acting experience tucked neatly into my utility belt.

A resident artist and former associate artistic director with Landless Theatre Company, I’ve worked on tour in live theatre with companies across Chicago, Milwaukee, and D.C. I played the role of Dr. Horrible/Billy in the D.C. premiere production of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, am the holder of a Best Villain Award at one of the Folger Shakespeare Library Festivals for my role as Iago in Othello, and am a cast member of the Helen Hayes nominated Progressive Metal Production of Sweeney Todd.

When I am not on stage, I’m probably hard at work creating my next costume (Up next: Nightwing). I can also be found flying through the air with the greatest of ease at Trapeze School New York (TSNY) in D.C., volunteering at local hospitals as various super heroes, or spending time with my beautiful girlfriend, Devin, and dog, Pippa.

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About SpideySteve

In a crazy world where we often times have no idea what we are doing, I find that taking up the reins and making a difference is important, so always dream big and stay on the path to get there. “With great power comes great responsibility” – Truer words have never been printed.

In that vein, I am dreaming big, and I am doing what I can to get there. I believe that by doing good and reaching for your dreams, be they dreams of Internet success, or dreams of being the next Peter Parker, something can actually happen. My love of comic books and theatre was born from a fascination with Spider-Man. I identified with him growing up; the way he dealt with life, you know, girl problems, job problems, acne, teenage angst, secret identities, walking the line between menace and the do-gooder standing against the ne’er-do-wells.

I am an unknown everyman, with overwhelming odds against me, submitting myself to Marvel for consideration, and trying to get picked up as the next Peter Parker. Marvel has the responsibility, and you have the power; you can share this and make this underdog achieve the impossible, and like Peter Parker, or more importantly, like Spider-man, this can be a shared success for everyone. Tell Marvel you want me as your next Spider-man!

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